• High energy shear-wave source has typically 20x power of conventional sonic probes
  • Low-frequency measurement,
    more representative of engineering situations
  • Stacking of multiple shots
  • Probe separates for shipping
  • Real-time wavelet (wiggle) display
  • Compatible with Robertson Geo Micrologger2
  • Formation compressional wave velocity
  • Formation shear-wave velocity
  • Site Investigation - foundation studies, windfarms, offshore structures, dam safety
  • Physical properties of soil/rock - shear modulus, bulk modulus, compressibility and Poission’s ratio
  • Earthquake engineering
    - characterization of strong motion sites
  • Velocity control for seismic reflection surveys
  • Engineering
Operating Conditions:
  • Borehole type: open-hole, water-filled
  • Recommended Logging Speed: Static measurements
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Assembled length: 6.07m - 7.07m (1 or 2m filter)
  • Shipping case length: 1.45m (4.75ft)
    supplied in two transport cases
  • Assembled weight: 26.5kg - 28kg (1 or 2m filter)
  • Max. temperature: 70°C
  • Max. pressure: 6.5MPa
  • Transducer type: solenoid and hammer
  • Receiver type: 3D hydrophones (p), geophones (s)
  • Receiver spacing: 1000mm (3.28ft)
  • Waveform acquisition period: 5.12mS to 409.6mS
  • Sampling: 2.5μs minimum
  • Down-hole gain: 0db to 42db (surface control)
Part Numbers:
  • I002244    PS Logger® probe in carrying case

P waves logging example.

S waves logging example.